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RoseviewRoseview is a fictional middle-class suburb of a real town called Galway in Ireland. Most of its inhabitants are enjoying the optimism and promises of the Celtic Tiger economic boom of the early 2000s. The Capital of the West is embracing multiculturalism and easy money. However, for one of Roseview's inhabitants life is far from optimistic. Deacon Burns is a disturbed young man who becomes obsessed with Bella, his childhood crush who has recently returned to Roseview. Deacon convinces himself that by killing Bella he will somehow vanquish his own dark demons. In a time of false affluence, Deacon is everything that Roseview does not want.

Quickie short storiesQuickie is a collection of short stories about sex and violence that will make you laugh or shudder. In Orgy, Frank and Helen are an unhappy married couple contemplating group sex, which excites her but disgusts him. A beautiful co-worker becomes the ultimate office fantasy for Peter in Ruby Reality. In Tommy’s Wild Night, a mysterious stranger takes the protagonist on a journey of sex, drugs and sheer terror. Meanwhile, two bitter lovers confess the painful truth to each other in Hearts Not Broken. In Quickie, author Des Kirby presents these and other sardonic characters who constantly disappoint one another.

who killed martha mansfield? short stories‘Who Killed Martha Mansfield?’ is a collection of fictional short stories with crime and consequence as its central themes. The title refers to the New York actress who died tragically during the making of a movie in the early years of Hollywood’s golden age. This is the opening story and the only one in the collection loosely based on real-life people and events. All the others are fictional tales of disparate characters who for very different reasons end up either committing foolish acts of criminality, or become the victims of it. The author takes you on some strange journeys involving Hollywood stars, teenage delinquents, small-time Dublin criminals, a road rage psychopath, a frustrated village cop, a terrified parish priest and an angry vengeful chemist.

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