Des Kirby is a fiction writer based in Galway, Ireland. He is the author of Roseview, a dark and disturbing tale of a psychopath planning to commit murder in a quiet middle-class suburb during Ireland's gluttonous Celtic Tiger era. He has also published two short story collections. Quickie is about sex, drugs and everyday people caught up in strange and sometimes terrifying situations; people that will either make you laugh or shudder. His second collection is Who Killed Martha Mansfield? Here the author takes you on some strange journeys involving Hollywood stars, teenage delinquents, small-time Dublin criminals, a road rage psychopath, a frustrated village cop, a terrified parish priest and an angry vengeful chemist.  Roseview, Quickie and Who Killed Martha Mansfield? are all available to buy on Amazon. More of his short stories are available to read for free right here on the site. Just click the buttons below to access.

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